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Medicare in New York

A lot of people want to be part of it, New York, New York! That’s why it is no surprise that many retirees make New York their home. Luckily, New York has some consumer-friendly and state-specific rules for Medicare beneficiaries. If you are a New York resident, it is important that you understand how your state differs from the other 49!

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New York Medicare Open Enrollment

open-enrollmentIn most states, you are only given one open enrollment window, and it only lasts for the first 6 months of your enrollment in Medicare Part B. New York, however, is one of very few states that offers a year-round open enrollment. This means that there is never any medical underwriting required for Medicare Supplement plans in New York. Insurance companies cannot deny your Medigap application for pre-existing conditions or health history, essentially giving you guaranteed acceptance. This year-round open enrollment law is extremely beneficial for Medicare beneficiaries as it ensures your access to coverage as well as the lowest monthly premium rates.

Although you are guaranteed acceptance into Medicare Supplement plans at any point in New York, it is not a good idea to delay your enrollment. Insurance carriers have the ability to impose pre-existing conditions limitations for periods of 3-6 months, where the coverage is limited if you are not coming from another form of creditable insurance (another Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, or employer-sponsored insurance plan).


Can I Change My Medigap Plan in New York?

You can apply to change your Medicare Supplement during any month of the year in New York without undergoing any medical underwriting. Due to New York’s year-round open enrollment, Medicare beneficiaries are guaranteed acceptance into Medicare Supplement plans without question regarding health history or pre-existing conditions.   
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